"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."

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"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."

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  • What is “Support A Project”?
  • This new initiative connects community members with opportunities to support our schools and enhance educational learning for RCS students.
  • How Does It Work?
  • The process is simple! RCS staff members are encouraged to:

    1. Bring forward ideas, projects and needs to enhance classrooms or buildings.
    2. Visit the RCS Foundation website to complete and submit an application online.

    Applications are screened. Once approved, the project is made public!

  • Who’s Eligible To Apply?
  • Any RCS staff employee can apply!

    Educators teach in a variety of ways, inside and outside of classrooms. We want to help all our staff support student success.

  • When Can an RCS Staff Apply?
  • Apply anytime! The application is always available. Click here to Apply Now!
  • What Does the Screening Process Entail?
  • After submission, applications will be reviewed and approved by the following administrators as needed:

    * School or building administrator (required)

    * Executive director for elementary teaching and learning (required for birth to grade 5 projects)

    * Assistant superintendent of secondary education, diversity, and inclusion (required for grades 6-12 projects)

    * Executive director of technology and strategic initiatives

    * Director of capital programs and facilities

    * Executive director of special education

  • How Long Will Project Be Public?
  • Projects will be promoted for at least three months or until fully funded.
  • A Project Goal Has Been Met or Fully Funded! Now What?
  • Once the funding goal is reached, the applicant and donors will be notified and the RCSF team will finalize the project. All items will be ordered, purchase orders and invoices will be paid, and materials will be delivered directly to the school or building. Cash is never exchanged, and donated materials are the property of the school, not the requester.

  • What Percentage of the Contributions Cover Operating Expenses?
  • A 2% fee is processed on all donations to cover the costs incurred to support a project and enhance educational opportunities for RCS students.  Operation expenses can include but are not limited to the following: website and platform domain; annual auditing services; the processing of invoices, purchase orders and check requests; and general tasks to ensure completion of the project.

  • Three important tips for success:
  • ♥ Keep it simple

    There is no maximum or minimum on requests, but projects under $500 may have a better chance of being funded. Splitting a project into multiple requests is an option. For example, if 30 kits are needed, consider submitting the request three times for 10 kits each. This also enables you to provide donors with pictures from the first  request to support continuation of the project for additional requests.

    ♥ Create a catchy title

    Catch the reader’s attention with an interesting title. Creative acronyms and descriptions are proven to get funded faster.

    ♥ Write from the heart

    Remember to make it student centered. It’s all about equipping your students with the tools they need to be successful!

  •   Do you want to know more? Click here and submit a question.