"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."
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"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."

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  •  What is the Rochester Community Schools Foundation?
  • The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is independent from the Rochester Community Schools. The Foundation works in partnership with the school district to support educational programs that are above and beyond what the district could otherwise provide.
  • Who runs the Foundation?
  • The Foundation is run by an independent board of directors made up of community leaders, parents, the superintendent and other educators from within the district.
  • Is the Foundation tax exempt?
  • Yes. The Foundation is independent from the school district and has its own 501 (c)(3) status with the IRS as a tax exempt organization. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible.
  • What is the Foundation’s purpose?
  • Just like tax-supported public universities such as U of M and MSU, the Foundation draws from private sources to supplement public funding. In the face of Proposal A, the Foundation allows this community to support an outstanding education program in spite of state funding pressures.
  • What will the Foundation support?
  • All programs supported by the Foundation should demonstrate a clear impact above and beyond what the district could otherwise provide. Initial priorities include Academics, Arts and Athletics.
  • Who will design the programs?
  • All programs must be led by the district, although ideas for programs can come from anyone. Before programs are considered for Foundation funding, however, they must be endorsed by the district administration and be consistent with the district’s strategic plan, curriculum standards and teaching goals.
  • How will these programs enhance the district?
  • They will make available things the district could not otherwise afford to provide; accelerate access to new technology and the impact it has in the classroom; and help to strengthen existing programs.
  • Will the Foundation establish an endowment for the future or spend its money on current programs?
  • Both. The Foundation intends to have a significant impact on the educational opportunities available to students, both now and in the future. Accordingly, much of the money raised as the Foundation becomes established will go directly to support programs in the schools. The Foundation also recognizes the value and stability offered by a strong and growing endowment and intends to build one. This will be a long-term project, but the Foundation intends to be supporting education in this district for many years to come.
  • What was Proposal A’s impact on our schools?
  • Before Proposal A, all tax revenues came from local property taxes and were controlled by this community. The balance comes from reduced property taxes that have been capped and cannot be increased.

Address additional questions to the Foundation Office at (248) 726-3190