"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."

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"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."

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Years Since Inception
Rochester Community Schools
School Grants Funded Since 2011

Submission Deadlines: third Friday in Sept, Nov and/or Feb

Project Funded: October, December and/or March

"Your gift can be the promise for their bright future."

The mission of the Rochester Community Schools Foundation is to support and advance learning for all Rochester Community Schools students by obtaining contributions for academics, arts, and athletics. The Foundation works in partnership with the school district and the community to support an outstanding education program in spite of state funding pressures. Your support of the Foundation makes a difference in the lives of Rochester Community Schools students.

Because of Your Support...

Click the year below for a listing of the grants funded through the Rochester Community Schools Foundation.
(School program grants are funded three times a year. Please see grant process below)

2022-2023 School Year

$78,036 awarded
35 school grants funded
(alphabetized by building name)

Stylus Pens Grant   

# School/Building Proposal Amount Granted
School/Building Grants
1-4 All 4 RCS Middle Schools Purchase 45 of EV3 Lego Robot Starter Kits to expand robotics $17,328
5-7 All 3 RCS High Schools Annual pledge to aid and support the Link Crew $500/each
8 Adams and Rochester High Purchase and replace 6 obsolete infant simulators for Child Development class (CDC) $4,200
9 Districtwide Technology Attend the MACUL Conference to experience leading educational technology tools and strategies that impact the classrooms. $2,890
10 Delta Kelly Elementary Purchase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) books. $695
11 ECSE – Caring Steps Purchase picture books and learning tools such as mirrors and fidgets for social-emotional learning in the infant/ toddler/ preschoolers. $1,500
12 Hamlin Elementary Purchase strong mentor and independent books that support the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM). $1,730
13 Hamlin Elementary Purchase non-fiction animal collection for ALL KG students. $600
14 Hampton Elementary Purchase a new laminator. $3,045
15 Hampton Elementary Purchase owl pellets to dissect for an Ecosystem science unit. $240
16 Hart Middle School Purchase headphones (50) to benefit around 2700 students per year. $131
17 Hugger Elementary Purchase “Speech Buddy”, a tool to help students with speech impairments and enhance articulation goals. $350
18 RCS Staff at International Academy Funding of the Digital Teacher’s Resource and Coursebook $145
19 Long Meadow Elementary Purchase class set of stylus pens (150) to support using the touchpad. $600
20 McGregor Elementary Purchase decodable text books to serve the needs of KG-5th graders. $3,500
21 North Hill Elementary Purchase 6 Edutrays to support the 3-5 y/o students with Autism. $920
22 North Hill Elementary Purchase biography books from the “Who Was…?” series for third graders. $700
23 Rochester High School Purchase admission tickets for students to attend the Charles H. Wright Museum for African American History. $780
24 Rochester High School Purchase Capstone classroom libraries for basic CI classrooms. $1,073
25 Schultz Campus – A.C.E. Mindfulness Space at ACE to encourage community connection $1,500
26 Schultz Campus – ATPS Popcorn machine to increase skill development for pre-employment and job skills. $722
27 Schultz Campus – Special Ed. Dry erase boards and supplies to increase the engagement space $450
28 Stoney Creek High School Purchase lamps to lighten the Academic Center work space. $435
29 Stoney Creek High School Join and support the Career Readiness and the Curriculum Team with the purchase of an Asclepius Anatomy Education Table for the Bio and Anatomy and physiology program at RCS. Allowing every high school student in RCS to have access to an incredible teaching tool that is used to help our heath science pathway. $20,000
30 Stoney Creek High School Purchase a pen that will scan a written text that reads aloud to IEP/504 students. $307
31 Van Hoosen Middle School Purchase vertical whiteboards in math classrooms so 6th grade math teachers can implement “Building Thinking Classrooms” – a new way of approaching the teaching of mathematics where students work more collaboratively. $2,015
Social Emotional Learning Grants
32 RCS District wide initiative Host the district’s first-ever student summit, Change-Maker Summit in August 2023 to kick-off the school year. $5,000
33 Adams High School Add new ping pong tables and accessories – a valuable asset to the student’s mental health and wellness. $2,800
34 Hart Middle School Purchase 20 copies of the “Joy of Reading” books to share with middle-grade language arts teachers and literacy leaders across the district $520
35 Rochester High School Purchase table tennis tables, foosball table and necessary equipment – a valuable asset to the student’s mental health and wellness. $1,060

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Grants History

2021-2022:  $51,250

2020-2021:  $20,005

2019-2020:  $34,454

2018-2019:  $11,615

2017-2018:  $26,880

2016-2017:  $25,198


Foundation Grant Process

Teachers and administrators are encouraged to seek funding for programs by completing the Funding Request Form. Proposals for funding will be reviewed by the Grant Review Committee in September, November, and February. To be considered for funding in October, December and/or March, grant applications must be submitted on the third Friday in September, November and/or February.

After review, the committee will make recommendations for approval of funding at the Rochester Community Schools Foundation Board of Directors meeting. The Grant Review Committee takes into account the following criteria when considering funding each proposal:

  • SUPPORT OF THE ROCHESTER COMMUNITY SCHOOLS FOUNDATION’S MISSION – Grant requests must indicate how it relates to the purpose and mission of the Foundation which is to support and advance learning for all Rochester Community Schools students in academics, arts, and athletics.
  • STUDENT REACH/IMPACT – Grant requests must identify the estimated number of students who will benefit from participating in the project or activity, or who will be directly impacted by the additional instructional opportunity or enhancement that has been made available. In this area, the ability to replicate this or a similar program in the district is also taken into consideration. Consideration will also be given to micro programs/projects where the number of students impacted is relatively small, but the proposal is innovative.
  • FUNDING FOR PILOT PROGRAMS – Meeting the varied educational needs of the community requires the ongoing exploration and development of new programs, new choices and new models for education. Consideration of subsequent RCS Foundation support for successful pilot programs will require district funding support as well.
  • OPPORTUNITY TO PARTNER WITH OTHER FUNDING SOURCES – Program funding, in cooperation with other funding sources, is strongly encouraged by the RCS Foundation. Applications which include a demonstrated ability to partner with other organizations or to access other resources will receive consideration in the approval process.
  • ABILITY FOR THE PROGRAM TO SUSTAIN ITSELF ON AN ON-GOING BASIS – It is the expectation of the RCS Foundation Board that programs initially funded through the RSC Foundation will be self-sustaining. However, ongoing support from the RCS Foundation may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Grant Pictures

Curricular Materials for Jazz Band at SCHS "At Home" Reading Program at North Hill Lincoln says "Thank You!" Mindfulness Room at Reuther Lincoln @ SCHS says "Thank You!"
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