FULLY FUNDED! SmartMusic Program: An online music library and practice program!

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September 3, 2020

Thank you for your consideration! 

Keep reading to learn more about this amazing curriculum tool that allows musicians to learn, practice and collaborate in any learning environment, whether in-person, remote locations, or in the RCS Virtual Campus!

SMART Music Program      

Dear RCS community,

My name is Mrs. Erin Holden. 

On behalf of the Rochester Community Schools band and orchestra department, we are seeking your help to raise enough funds to provide all students in grades 6-12 and 10 teachers a subscription to SmartMusic!

The SmartMusic Program is an incredible resource for learning to play an instrument and teaching students to to continue the band and/or orchestra program both in-person and virtually!

This is my proposal’s compelling why…

In light of the pandemic, this is an incredible way for us to teach band and orchestra.  Teachers will explain concepts in class and students will have guided practice at home.  If we are teaching remotely, it is immensely useful.  The program is like having a teacher at home with the student.  We are excited at the thought of our kids making such great strides on their instruments, even in the days of covid.

Students will be able to login to the web-based program, and have access to multiple method books for lessons.  This is great for teachers as well because it really allows us to choose the best materials from of the methods for any given concept.

In addition to the method books being available, there are thousands of pieces of music for band and orchestra.  Teachers can assign a piece of music, and students have digital access to them for practice.

While they practice with the program, the full band or orchestra is playing along with the students – this allows them to learn not just their part but how their part fits into the whole. In the method or the pieces of music, students can play along and receive instant feedback. As pictured above, elements they play correctly will light up in green, and problem spots are red.  Students can hover over the red and a popup window will explain their error and tell them the correction.

Your support and a SmartMusic Program, will help get our students back on track and nurture the love for music!

This is where you can help!

Please join us in our efforts to help our students continue to make great strides on their instruments and nurture their love for music! 

This is Where Your Donation Goes

  • The SmartMusic Program Subscriptions
    • All band and orchestra students grades 6-12 on Smart Music: 1735 students
    • 10 secondary teacher subscriptions
  • 3rd party payment processing fee
  • Fulfillment labor & materials

Total Projected Goal   $17,000