FULLY FUNDED! Hamlin Elementary – A Sensory Path for Successful Learners!

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THANK YOU for taking time to bring this project to life!

Kara Burgess

May 15, 2022

Super important to support our sensory kiddos!!!

Rosalba Boville

May 6, 2022

Great tool.

Meghan Grady

May 5, 2022


May 5, 2022

Karina Necoechea

May 5, 2022

Diana Lopez

May 5, 2022

Thank you Hamlin for your caring to our special kids!


May 4, 2022

aynita sabrina

May 4, 2022

Very grateful with all hamlin elementary support

Pardeep Soora

April 9, 2022

Joel Perez

March 12, 2022

My son has ASD and this looks like a super idea. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Emina Cejvanovic

March 9, 2022

My son is in asd clasrom at Hamlin just thankful for awsome staff at Hamlin


March 8, 2022

Rebecca Couet

March 8, 2022

Sensory needs are so important


March 8, 2022

Jennifer McClelland

March 8, 2022


January 29, 2022

Mary Jo Saari

January 22, 2022

Kyle Lobes

January 21, 2022

Sensory needs are so important. My son is at Hamlin and my other son will be there next year.

maria passera

January 21, 2022

Michael Webber

May 26, 2021

This would be great for Hamlin!

Kelly Beaudry-Rodgers

January 11, 2021

We loved Hamlin! Go Hawks!

Steven Fulkerson

October 1, 2020

Great work! Hopefully the kids will be able to appreciate it soon.

Leland Bassett

February 25, 2020

Hello! My name is Ms. Emily Reinbolt.

I am a Special Ed teacher at Hamlin Elementary School. I am seeking your help to raise enough funds to purchase the “Blast Off” Sensory Package!

The “Blast Off” Sensory Package (as featured in the picture) is a set of tasks and activities designed to create a sensory path or walk in our hallway to give students an opportunity to refocus their bodies and get back on track and ready for learning!

This is my proposal’s compelling why…

Research has shown that student’s cognitive functioning may decrease after long periods of learning and some sensory input helps a child regain focus and control. Sitting in a classroom, trying to learn, while also taking in the movement of others, smells and the climate in the room can be overwhelming.

Although the “Blast Off” sensory package is especially useful for our large population of students with Autism and sensory processing disorders, students of all ages and abilities can benefit from the sensory path!

This path has been designed with the help of occupational therapists, physical therapists and other experts to reduce sensory need and not overstimulate a child.

Your support and a sensory path or walk, will help get our students back on track and nurture the love for learning!

♥ This is where you can help! ♥

Help us reach our goal!

I am very excited to connect with the community and help my students excel in education.

Thank you for positively impacting the education of our Hamlin Hawks! Together We Learn. We Grow. We Soar.

Any donation is appreciated!

Where Your Donation Goes

  • The “Blast Off” Sensory Package includes;
    • (1) 13″ “Start” Directionals Word for Path beginning
    • (7) 11″ Countdown Multicolored Stars (#4-10)
    • (1) 55″x”35″ “Super Rocketship”
    • (1) 18″ “Blast Off” Super Sign
    • (26) 6.5″ Gravity Walk Letters
    • (1) Space Jump Planet Path:
      • Includes: 18″ Sun, 13.5″ Mercury, 15″ Venus, 16″ Earth, 13″ Mars, 18″ Jupiter, 22″ Saturn, 14.5″ Uranus, 17″ Neptune, 1.5″ Attachment lines, (9) 3.5″ Planet Labels
    • (1) 40″x 50″ Moonwalk Push Place
    • (1) 4″ “Reach for the Stars” wall graphic
    • (20) Spacewalk Moon Boot Prints (10 pairs)
    • (3) 9″ Spacewalk Moons
    • (24) 4.5″ Directional Arrows
    • (20) Assorted Filler Stars (4″-6″ Inch Stars)
  • 3rd party payment processing fee
  • Fulfillment labor & materials

Total Project Goal   $1,000

 *A portion of the total project goal will be donated to the RCS Foundation to enhance and enrich learning for all RCS students, to help build awareness and to support additional programs and projects.